To apply for our services, you should first read over our eligibility criteria. If you meet with our eligibility, please complete the following form, we try to review all applications within 24 hours. If you have any questions relating to the application form, join #fosshost on (ssl).

Please note that we are currently experiencing a high number of applications and it may take longer than usual to process your application.

Pseudo-names are not acceptable
Please use your project email address, where possible
Please state your IRC handle / nickname
This can be a web site or git hub page
Please give a specific version otherwise you will be given the default
Highly recommended, if you do not have one, please generate one
Please detail who and why. You must include their contact details i.e. email address. This could be a project colleague, mentor, university lecturer, teacher, another project or person in good standing in the community. It will help your application to provide this.
This may be some special requirement, etc.
Join 6697 (ssl) #fosshost We will not approve applications if you have not joined our IRC channel and introduced yourself / project.