Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as free?

Firstly, we are incredibly lucky and extremely grateful for the kind donations of infrastructure and networking made to the project, without these donations, we would simply not be able to operate.

We forge relationships with other projects who operate within the realms of free and open source and share our resources with them. These reciprocated morals of giving and sharing allow the project to operate at minimal cost. That being said, there is a lot of hard work which goes on behind the scenes to make the project successful.

Why do you do this?

We always felt the odd ones out because we couldn’t turn our hand to writing code or developing software, so instead we have pulled together and offer a service that is something we are good at. Open source isn’t just producing code, it is much more than that.

How long will the project run for?

We work hard to make sure that our donations are for the long term and not short term. We will continue to forge relationships with established providers who can kindly donate to the project, due to the very nature of the open source community being global, we are fortunate enough to operate in multiple continents with spare capacity, which means that we can operate with resilience.

I am an individual and I want to learn Linux

Sadly and regrettably, we are not able to provide our services directly to individuals wanting to learn Linux, as this would set a precedent and we do not have the bandwidth and processing power to be able to accommodate that. We are specifically here to help open source projects or groups. If you are an individual and involved with an open source project which may be eligible, consider applying via the project, as we may be able to approve your application in that regard.

Is there any restrictions to the use of service?

Technically, we do not block or restrict anything, but you must follow our ToS. If you are in breach of them, we reserve the right to shutdown your account, without notice. We do not allow our services to be used as exit nodes.

I am a project and I would like to use you for mirrors?

We support mirrors.

Do you offer dedicated hardware to my project?

We only offer virtual instances at this moment in time.

I want to bring my own OS?

Yes, within reason, please tell us in the notes when you apply.

Do you offer monitoring?

Yes, everything is monitored using open source tools and available via IRC.

Can I reboot my VM?

Yes, go for it.

Do you have bandwidth restrictions in place?

No, however we do have to operate fair usage to avoid abuse and to ensure that all of our projects we help, get a fair share of the bandwidth. Anybody using obscene amounts of bandwidth, may be asked to stop.

Do you accept donations?

Yes you can donate here.

I want to volunteer!

Great, join us on IRC and introduce yourself. Alternatively email admin [at]

I want a goody bag!

Sure, just email admin [at] with your mailing address, and we’ll ship one to you. Currently this includes a branded fosshost mug, pens, tshirt (please specify size) and notebook.

Do you support IPv6?

All of our US locations currently support IPv6.