Mirrors Announcement

Sunday, 2 August 2020 07:54 UTC

We have taken the decision to remove the Poland Mirror from service with immediate effect.

It was not sustainable to continue to operate the Poland Mirror due to mostly storage constraints. We may in the future look at where else we can geographically host a new mirror, but for now, we will not be considering a new location.

The project aims to operate infrastructure that is future-proofed however it was untenable to continue to operate a Mirror service in Poland on the current infrastructure.

This means that pl.mirrors.fossho.st will no longer operate. The announcement has been posted today on IRC and will be circulated shortly to projects who use our mirror service.

This announcement means we will now focus and concentrate on our US and UK mirrors and already within the last 48 hours, we have made a number of performance improvements and security optimizations to ensure that these mirrors can take our project into the future.

Thank you for bearing with us.