Fosshost joins indiehackers to support the movement of free software and to share our journey!
Sep 25, 2020
Not-for-profit fosshost joins indiehackers to share our journey since we began in April 2020.
Fosshost builds CDN
Sep 18, 2020
Fosshost builds open source, any cast CDN in its continued work to support the open source community.
Bare metal leader Packet makes commitment to support fosshost
Sep 8, 2020
Bare metal leader, an Equinix company commits to supporting fosshost through it's open source community programme donating infrastructure at DFW2, North Dallas.
Fosshost launches Product Documentation
Sep 8, 2020
Product Information on all services now documented and available to projects
New website paths way for new fosshost future
Aug 24, 2020
As we look to make a sustainable future for fosshost, we have had a new website which reflects our vision and strategy
Armbian Mirrors
Aug 4, 2020
We are proud to now be hosting and providing mirrors for the Armbian Project through our US and UK mirror service.
Introduction to our key sponsors – beginning with
Jul 29, 2020
As part of our transparency led approach we have decided to do a short series of stories on our supporters to introduce their credentials and realise their value that they have to the fosshost project through a short narrative written by our project founder.
We are now IPv6 enabled in all USA locations
Jun 24, 2020
IPv6 enabled regions now available
We are now registered with Freenode as an official open source project
Jun 24, 2020
Freenode has now accepted our group registration which means that we have been accepted into the Freenode Family for our contributions to the foss community.