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We need to let you know about some important changes we are making

By Thomas Markey | Aug 24, 2022

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Dear Tenants

Please see important information below regarding your existing Fosshost service.

Update regarding AArch64

Fosshost has entered into an untenable situation with its current supplier commitments and obligations, which means that it is not practical to continue to offer AArch64 as a service. The costs associated with running this offering are excessive, unviable and cannot be supported or continued to be developed in the current form. Therefore, with sincere regret, we will have no option but to turn the AArch64 platform off to prevent further damage. The AArch64 platform will cease operation in its current form at 00:00 UTC on 28 August 2022.

You should now take steps if using the AArch64 platform to take a complete backup of your data and temporarily find a new home for it.

We are in discussions with our sponsored hardware vendor (Ampere) about the hardware they donated to us, and, depending on those discussions, we may in the future revisit the prospect of operating AArch64.

On behalf of Fosshost, may I take this opportunity to say thank you to each person or sponsor who has helped us to provide AArch64 as a service.

Update regarding x86

We continue to provide a reliable x86 hosting experience to projects. There is no change to x86 provided hosting. We will be reviewing how x86 can be automated and simplified, so it may be necessary to carry out a migration of your service at a later date. We will communicate to you when this needs to be done.

**Domain Name Registrations and Renewal

We will no longer offer this as a service. Existing projects with domains may move domains elsewhere and we will unlock them. We will no longer renew domains or continue to absorb the cost of any domain name renewals.

Current Leadership

The current management, governance and leadership team of Fosshost is under review.

Closing remarks

I will provide a further update shortly on the situation. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Kind regards,

Thomas Markey Founder, CEO Fosshost C.I.C