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CustodianDC support Fosshost with UK eco-friendly colocation

By Thomas Markey | Nov 7, 2020

Recently we announced our partnership with Ampere Computing and how their ARMv8 64-bit eMAG hardware will allow us to provide arm64-as-a-service to the open source community.

CustodianDC, a UK provider of colocation, connectivity, and cloud Services have very kindly provided 5U colocation in their Tier-3 facility offering world-class and connectivity services.

We believe that we will be the first UK provider of ARM64 hosting services. CustodianDC operates a PUE (PUE is the ratio of how much energy is used by the facility and its infrastructure against the IT load) of 1.25 compared with a data center average of 2.0.

Thanks to Amy and Rowland at CustodianDC for supporting fosshost and the wider open source community! You guys rock and have an awesome Youtube channel!