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We are diversifying our geographical server presence

By Bruno | Dec 6, 2021

Since our early days, we have been partnering with Equinix, to whom we are truly grateful for their support to power our Dallas, TX, USA region. However, to diversify our geographical server presence, as our tenants have requested many times, we chose to partner with another vendor.

We will switch vendors and complete this process by year-end to achieve the geographical server presence. The change will affect the DFW PoP tenants. However, we will try to minimize this impact on the tenants to the best of our ability. We remind, though, that this migration is a time-consuming process.

An email will be sent to the impacted tenants. We ask that, if you receive the email, you reply to it promptly, confirming you're still making use of your Fosshost-provided resources. If we don't hear back from you, the following steps will unfold:

  • two weeks from the date of this email, your services will be powered down.
  • four weeks from the date of this email, we will backup your data.
  • eight weeks (about two months) after this email, we'll securely purge the backups to ensure adequate elimination of any private or personal information on your servers.

Any questions or concerns you may have regarding this migration are welcome. You can do so by replying to this email or via our chat channels ( and

Don't forget to reply to the email. We will log your response on our support system to ensure we get back to you to confirm the migration and its associated information.