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Festive Season Change Freeze 2020

By Thomas Markey | Dec 13, 2020

Official Statement

In line with our suppliers and support team availability/coverage, and to ensure that we can provide a sustainable and stable service during the festive period, we will "freeze" changes starting Midnight (UTC) on December, 18th 2020 until January, 4th 2021 09:00 AM (UTC).

During our "freeze" we'll avoid any maintenance that we can otherwise plan for starting in 2021. Especially, we won't be making any changes to our core network. We'll also avoid configuration changes that we feel may carry a high risk.

We'll continue to look at new requests for services and infrastructure. Those that do not affect existing infrastructure and appear lower risk to our team will be handled as usual.

Please use our ticketing system to raise support requests, especially during the festive period to help us get people assigned as soon as possible while volunteers may be less available.

In summary: If work has been committed prior to the change freeze with a date after the change freeze starts, you can safely assume that the work will go ahead as normal. Otherwise, work otherwise not committed and that is deemed high risk, will be scheduled in for the New Year once the change freeze finishes. Use support ticketing as usual for low risk "Business As Usual" requests, such as creating new VMs or checking on an unresponsive service or host. You can find ways to contact us here

On behalf of the Fosshost Board of Trustees and Volunteers, we wish you a safe, pleasant, and festive end to 2020 and New Year.