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We now have a Volunteer Agreement

By Bruno Miguel | Nov 19, 2021

Fosshost is on a mission to empower and support every free and open-source software project. Every day, our volunteers work very hard towards this goal - everyone on our team takes Fosshost's commitments very seriously.

Having a friendly and warming community is also one of our biggest goals. We strive to welcome everyone wholeheartedly in our community and communication channels, like I.R.C. and Discord.

These are "unwritten" rules since the project's inception, and everyone follows them religiously. However, we wrote a Volunteer Agreement to help new volunteers know the rules and clarify them for the entire team.

The document, signed by everyone on the team from the top-down, outlines those rules and more. We define the procedures for handling new volunteers, managing expenses, regulations to create a healthy and safe environment for the team, dealing with misconduct, and more.

The Volunteer Agreement will allow new volunteers to learn the rules faster and bind everyone to these rules. We take them very seriously, and that's why we wrote the document.

When our policies are finalised and approved, they will replace the Volunteer Agreement. However, until then, the current document is in effect.