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Fosshost Enters Partnership with freenode

By corwin | Jun 1, 2021

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We have now fully withdrawn from the Freenode Partnership, with neither Fosshost or our staff involved and supporting freenode's IRC network. To learn more about this, please read our blog post about ending the partnership

Fosshost C.I.C, a UK non-profit provider of cloud computing services for FOSS, enters into a long term partnership with Freenode Limited ('freenode').

Work has begun, and the two organizations have directed staff toward constructing long-term plans for freenode on the Fosshost network. In the immediate, Fosshost staff will begin assisting the volunteer team at freenode and enter long term planning and conversations about immediate needs, including with infrastructure and hosting IRC nodes, web teams, and the IRC network's platform and operations.

In the near term, the two projects will partner to launch co/cross branded public and tenant-facing SaaS offerings, available BYOD or levering the combined network for DNS.

As leadership teams from both organizations met to discuss approaches to ensure the long-term sustainability and vitality of freenode, the IRC network, Thomas Markey (Fosshost Founder, Founder and CEO) and Andrew Lee (Freenode Limited, Owner and President) put their conversation in light of the recent controversy surrounding freenode.

Andrew commented, saying, "Today is a momentous day in the history of freenode, the home of FOSS. We have identified and are working with a proven provider of FOSS services with a compelling vision for long term access to FOSS and FOSS communities. From this day forward, we focus on the future, making sure FOSS projects and the community have the resources they need and prefer to communicate to create tools that will long outlive these dramas. For those who choose to make freenode their home, we're here for you."

Thomas added, "We are both committed to making freenode a great IRC community. But FOSS is about empowering choice. That's our mission and what we're focused on Today."

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