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We will be shortly becoming dual stack, offering IPv6 as standard

By Thomas Markey | Jan 1, 2021


Happy New Year reader! As part of our 2021 infrastructure rolling improvements programme, we are making some immediete policy changes to improve our service to you.

The internet is built on a networking protocol called Internet Protocol version 4 (or IPv4). Due to it's design, IPv4 restricts addresses to 32 bits, which means there is around 4 billion unique IPv4 addresses. Most devices on the internet use a static public IP address. Due to the success of the internet, it is not surprising that availablity of IPv4 addresses is drying up.

In 1995, 25 years ago a solution was developed to deal with this problem: Internet Protocol version 6 (or IPv6).

Since Fosshost launched, we have slowly deployed IPv6 across all of our nodes. We know that IPv6 is sustainable and something many of the projects we support, ask for on a regular basis. We also realize that the internet is still running both IPv4 and IPv6. Our network can run both in parallel in a dual-stack configuration. This is extremely important to be able to experience a successful and smooth transition to IPv6.

The internet will still continue to consume IPv4 for years to come, but as stocks dry up, we must act now and protect and save our IPv4 addresses for projects. The cost to purchase IPv4 is increasing as it becomes a commodity and as a free software project, we have to ensure that our resources are spread wide and thin to help as many projects as possible.

The point here is that we are not mandating any project that they must use IPv6 only, but we are simply trying to make sure resources are shared fairly across the projects, so that those who need it most, can do so.


In light of the above we will now as default only offer IPv6 with all VPS applications, unless you specifically select that you want IPv4. We are fairly happy to provide a conservative IPv6 allocation to your VPS, however IPv4 will be limited to one IP per server. If this is a problem, please contact us and we will review it with you on a case-by-case basis.

  • We can provide IPV6 tunnels / VPNs to users who have an ISP who do not support IPv6 as standard.

  • We can provide basic guidance and advice to projects who are not familiar with IPv6.

  • If IPv4 is critical, we can provide both IPv4 and IPv6 to help you plan and migrate, or operate both (for as long as is needed)

  • You can consider making a donation if you wish to use IPv4 on a permanent basis

  • We can provide IPv6 recursive DNS lookup servers

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please drop us a message in our digital community or submit a support ticket.