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Fosshost is on Libera.Chat

By corwin | May 25, 2021

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Fosshost has established a presence on Libera.Chat, a new IRC network created by former staffers of freenode. The new network is similar in sharing the historical focus of the older network on supporting the development of peer-directed Free and Open Source Software development.

As of June 11th, we have also re-opened our channels on Freenode. For a comprehensive list please see our support page.

Fosshost has been present on Freenode since our formation in March 2020. Throughout our tenure, we have experienced only dedication, care, and professionalism from the network's volunteer staff. When they felt forced to resign and launch a new network, we followed to continue experiencing the same level of care and dedication. When Andrew Lee then reached out to make personal contact, and to listen to (and since act from) our specific concerns regarding the future of freenode, we were encouraged and have resumed offering support to our tenants and community though the freenode IRC network.

Messages sent in #fosshost, #fosshost-incident, or #fosshost-socialon either IRC network forward a message to our Discord.

Our Channels

  • #fosshost -our main channel, Q&A and discussion
  • #fosshost-incident - tenant issue triage
  • #fosshost-social - leasure time, off-topic chat welcome

We would like to thank Freenode for hosting us up to now. We also want to thank FSFE from whom we've "borrowed" much of the language of this post.

We look forward to seeing you on Libera.Chat.

NOTE: this post was edited June 11th, 2021, to reflect the re-opening of our channels on Freenode following discussion with community members (and our own volunteers) since the original posting.