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Welcome our new sponsors, Gitpod and WebNX

By bruno | Nov 22, 2021

One of the essential cornerstones of our project is sponsorship. Without our amazing sponsors, we wouldn't be able to provide services for an ever-increasing number of open-source projects and have the impact we have today. We are very thankful to them for trusting us and helping us pursue our mission to empower and support every free and open-source software project!

The daily increase of tenants comes with an ever ending pursue of sponsorships and donations. We want to continue to grow because that's the only way to fulfil our vision and continue to be a trustworthy entity for our sponsors.

WebNX and Gitpod, our new sponsors, will be vital in the pursuit of our mission.

WebNX is a company with 15 years of experience providing Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Solutions at affordable prices and guarantees a 100% Network and 100% Power SLA in its self-operated data centers. They are sponsoring us with two x86 nodes, each with a Dual Intel Xeon E5-2696v2, 128GB RAM, 6 x 3TB HDD, and HW RAID-6.

Gitpod was founded in 2020 and is on a journey to revolutionize the developer's experience and make software engineering more collaborative. The company allows open-source developers to spin automated, ready to use, development environments in the cloud in seconds. They are sponsoring us with the professional open-source plan for our volunteers, allowing us to focus more on the development part of the projects and less on setting it up.

To both of them, thank you for the bottom of our hearts. We are very proud of having you sponsoring us and will do our best to uphold the trust you placed in us.