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Fosshost Open Source Awards 2021

By nikola | Jun 15, 2021

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Fosshost is launching a volunteer awards programme to recognise our volunteers' contributions and efforts who help to manage, coordinate and support the Fosshost infrastructure day-to-day, and ultimately you, as our dedicated reader.

As a superstructure to the FOSS community, our volunteers (in other words, our eyes and ears) are what make our platform, systems and service. Led by democracy and free speech, we believe in transparency, autonomy and listening to our volunteers to help shape, direct and contribute to our success.

Thank you to every volunteer at Fosshost. Your contributions are advocating, promoting, supporting, protecting and preserving FOSS today for the next generation.

This is why we are so pleased to announce three award categories for our amazing volunteers, carefully handpicked and chosen by our Board of Executives. In later months, we will be looking to extend our awards to approved projects to recognise their contributions to FOSS.

The awards are a recognition of volunteer excellence, promoting high standards and advancing the Fosshost community.

If you are interested in what volunteering opportunities exist at Fosshost and how you can help, visit Volunteering Opportunities. We are always interested in hearing from individuals who feel that they have the time and skills to help.

The Fosshost volunteers are our most important asset, which is why we provide our volunteers with some nice perks, such as the ability to use our infrastructure for their FOSS projects (as many do). In addition to accessing 1:1 mentoring opportunities, obtain a real-world experience of managing live production platforms, pizza days (fully funded) and goody bag. Overall, we treat every volunteer as a family member. Cheers, guys, you are awesome ❤️.

Thank you for reading.

Thomas Markey Fosshost Founder

The award categories will be

CEO Award

Hampton Moore

This award is handpicked by the CEO to reflect specific volunteers who contribute to the Fosshost project. This award is reserved for a volunteer who has surpassed all expectations and delivered above and beyond the required standard, serving as a role model to the rest of our volunteering community.

Generally Helpful Soul Award

Arsen Arsenović

The generally helpful soul award is reserved for individuals who convey on a day to day basis the ability to help with all matters relating to the operations of Fosshost. It is a generalist award and prescribed to individuals who have a passion and drive for improving FOSS and the overall ecosystem.

FOSS Advocate

Bruno Miguel

The FOSS advocate award is for a volunteer who integrates, lives and breaths FOSS. They are a walking advert for FOSS. FOSS is in their blood, and this, coupled with their passion for wanting to be a Fosshost Volunteer and support FOSS, makes them an advocate for others wanting to learn and use FOSS to improve their daily life.