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Fosshost ECO

By thomas | Jul 1, 2021

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Fosshost C.I.C, a UK non-profit provider of cloud computing services for FOSS, launches Fosshost ECO, a CO2 offset sustainability programme that plants a tree for every approved application. We are working in partnership with THG(eco) to deliver tree planting in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti.

Why do we do it?

Reducing carbon emissions is imperative in the fight against climate change. At Fosshost, we build, grow and innovate technology solutions and cloud computing platforms to advance, support and promote the free and open-source community (FOSS). We are passionate about driving sustainability throughout our organisation and the broader FOSS community. We have partnered with THG(eco) to develop our Plant a Tree sustainability programme as our commitment to offsetting CO2 emissions.

How will we do it?

We will plant a tree for every application that we approve. We have carefully selected locations for planting trees in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti. We work with tree planting projects worldwide to bring you a variety of places to support, with various co-benefits such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity and community support.

When will do it?

The Plant a Tree programme is now launched as of the 1st of July. Projects do not need to do anything. If you are approved for Fosshost services, your tree will be automatically planted. You can select which tree planting project site you would like to grow your tree from during the application process.

Unfortunately, we cannot plant tree's for declined applications, as we currently reject more applications than we approve. Typically, our power consumption increases as we support projects rather than decline.

However, to give the Fosshost Plant a Tree programme a head start, we have planted 50 tree's equally between all THG(eco) tree planting projects.

Fosshost is one of the first open-source projects to launch a CO2 sustainability programme.

Thomas Markey, the founder of Fosshost, said, "Fosshost ECO is a great way to do our bit for the world by helping towards the fight against climate change. We use a lot of electricity, some of which is already green, but unfortunately, we are not as green as we would like."

Update - 2021-12-19

We have since taken the decision to withdraw ECO and will instead, focus our efforts on reinvesting into the FOSS community, through grants and support packages to directly help our most important asset.