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A word of appreciation to our Core Sponsors

By Bruno Miguel | Aug 12, 2021

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For over a year, Fosshost has been providing rock-solid services to the FOSS community. From the very beginning, both our world-class volunteers and Core Sponsors have made our project possible. And it's about these superb sponsors, to whom we're very thankful, we're blogging today.

In this blog post, we'll succinctly present to you our sponsors and what they do. Please consider sending love their way where you can.

Who are our Core Sponsors

  • DigitalOcean
  • Equinix Metal
  • Fastly
  • FDCservers
  • HostKey
  • Jolt
  • Packetframe
  • RapidSwitch
  • Severius

What they do


DigitalOcean provides several cloud-related services, from VPS's to Kubernet and Database clusters.

Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal delivers fully automated and interconnected Bare Metal-as-a-Service across several geographical locations.


Fastly provides a Content Distribution Network (CDN) available all around the globe, with services like Image Optimization and Serverless Compute Environment.


FDCservers has a wide range of products, from VPS's to CDN's and IP Transit.


HostKey works with Dedicated Servers and GPU Servers, with default and tailored custom configurations.


Jolt provides several hosting-related services, like Web Hosting, VPS's and Dedicated Servers, DNS and SSL Certificates.


OSUOSL is Oregon's State University Open-Source Lab, a nonprofit organisation working to advance open-source technologies.


Packetframe is an open-source Content Delivery Network (CDN) built for developers, available across 41 geographical locations. We work as a joint venture.


RapidSwitch provides Pre-built and Dedicated servers, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Enterprise customers.


Severius is an All-in-One IT Infrastructure Provider with a catalogue of wide-range services tailored for enterprise customers.

How to become a Core Sponsor

If you or your company want to become part of our Core Sponsors, joining us in our mission of advancing and supporting the FOSS community, reach out to us at May the FOSS be with you.