Privacy Policy

We take your data extremely seriously which is why we have this privacy policy to outline how we look after your data when you visit our website (regardless of where you visit it from) or when you otherwise provide data to us via other means (such as email or other electronic means) in order to use our services.

How we store your data

We use several systems to store and track the following data

  • Project name, description, project email address, website URL.
  • Staffing and volunteer information (name, email, telephone number).
  • Personal contact information (name, email, telephone, IRC handle).
  • Name, email or telephone of associations or referees to your personal character and subsequently any confidential information exchanged in that process which is provided by your referee.
  • Meta data including IP addresses, user location, usernames, logs, and other such data.
  • Other pseudonyms (meaningless data)

We cannot be held responsible if data is provided to the project, which is outside of our control, for example if a referee or your association provides further information that was not required as part of your application, however we will always do our utmost to delete this promptly.

How we process your data

We process your data as outlined above to provide an efficient service; therefore, we may need to review all your personal / project information to make informed decisions.  This is done securely by our volunteers.

How we share your data

We do not share any data with anybody, unless we make a referral to another organisation that we work with, however this would always be done with your permission, such as occasions where we are unable to directly help a project.

If we are required to share your data because of a subpoena, legal request or any other matter where law dictates that it is acceptable to do so, we will comply and share any and all information pertaining as required by law.  We will only release such data with appropriate legal orders which will be reviewed by our board of directors and independent legal expert who provides pro-bono legal advice to

How we store your data

All data is stored in encrypted and secure environments within our internal infrastructure.  We do not store any data outside of our infrastructure. We do not store data with a third party. This data can only be accessed by authorised individuals.  Any sensitive information will be removed and can only be accessed via the project founder.   All infrastructure is housed and maintained in secure data centres with manned 24×7 security.

You may submit a request at any time if you wish for us to provide all data that we hold on you, but this must be done in writing by the project founder. If the project founder is different to the person who completed the initial application, we will omit any sensitive personal data of the applicant.  

We only retain data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting or reporting requirements.

If you cease your services with we will typically hold your data for up to 6 years, however you can request us to delete all your data.  Please email privacy [at]