A New Beginning

Hello everyone! I know I’m not a familiar figure in the community, but I’m Gianni Rosato & I’ve been working with Fosshost’s former co-founder Nate Sales to start a new mission titled the Radix Project with similar goals as Fosshost in terms of providing resources for open source projects. I’ll plug our site now, radixproject.org where you can shoot us an email regarding anything you have questions about. In particular if you are a current Fosshost “tenant,” (by our terms, “partner,”) & you have critical infrastructure hosted by Fosshost, we will communicate with you re: helping out.

There are a million other places to look regarding resignations in terms of Fosshost’s staff, so I’ll state our mission here instead. The Radix Project aims to provide free-of-charge, accessible, tailored hosting for FLOSS & open source projects via a dedicated team that strives to ensure each project’s needs are met. Many open source projects are abandoned due to a lack of resources, and the Radix Project helps remedy this by guaranteeing reliable hosting to our partners who deserve nothing less. In the future, we hope to offer more to FLOSS & open source projects as well as find innovative ways to invigorate the world of open source and spur on digital freedom beyond hosting.

We understand that there may be a bit of soreness regarding Fosshost's current situation, and how this has had a negative impact on many valuable projects. The Radix Project’s central leadership is a Board that revolves around collaborative decision-making, and we have strict rules & regulations pertaining to what it takes to apply as a partner, volunteer, or sponsor to avoid any inconsistencies in our service to our valuable partners.

Nate & I would love to see volunteer, sponsor, & (in the near future) partner applications begin flooding in as we look to make the Radix Project succeed in a unique way while assisting some of the most important software in the world. We greatly appreciate your interest in our project, and hope to support many of you reliably for years to come starting very soon. Consider donating as well, if you can spare a penny!

Your friends,
Gianni Rosato, CEO
Nate Sales, CTO