All of our infrastructure and networking is kindly donated and provided to the project for free. We could simply not operate without these contributions to the project and fosshost.org is extremely grateful for the kind generosity of all our supporters.

We believe in providing maximum transparency with our services and we are very proud to list those who have helped fosshost.org. In no particular order.

Core Hosting Sponsors

Core hosting sponsors typically donate infrastructure, hardware and networking services. These donations are critical to our operation.

RapidSwitch.com, iomart Group PLC
Jolt.co.uk, Host Lincoln Ltd
FDCservers.net, FDC Servers.net, LLC
HostKey.com, HOSTKEY B.V. of Amsterdam
Serverius.net, Serverius B.V. of Amsterdam
DigitalOcean.com, DigitalOcean, Inc
Equinix Metal, Equinix, Inc
Heficed.com, Digital Energy Technologies Ltd
OSUSOL.org, Oregon State University Open Source Labs
CustodianDC.com, CustodianDC Ltd

Project Supporters

Project supporters will typically transit services, consultancy or an ancillary service. These are critical to our service.

Gandi.net (Domain Registration Services)
Updown.io (Service Monitoring Tool)
Hund.io (Incident Management Tool)
Typeform.com (Online Hosted Form)
FastNetMon.com (Network Monitoring)
Netlify.com (Web Hosting)
DirectAdmin.com (Web Hosting)
Zapier.com (Process Automation)
Psychz.net (DDoS Protection)
HostUS.com (Transit)
Combahton.com (Transit)
Mythic-Beasts.com (Transit)
Spartanhost.org (Transit)
vps66.cloud (Transit)