Who are we helping

We sit firmly within the foss community by offering our services to projects through non-paid advertisement, word of mouth, recommendations or simply, the fosshost.org website.

We describe helping projects as those which are active and eligible for support, and a frequently asked question is, what does that mean?

Well, in principle, it means this:

  • You will have a project that is active in the foss community
  • You will have a project website or git hub page
  • Your project is entirely free and open source
  • You have an understanding of Linux architecture (we do not provide Windows OS)
  • Your project is ethical and is helping to promote free and open source software

We provide services to start up and well established projects and believe in providing best-of-class infrastructure, a dream that many projects thought was simply not possible.

Our volunteers spend a lot of time talking to the foss community and it is common, that most of these discussions will occur via IRC or other means. We are very flexible and take the time to understand your project and we will always try to say yes.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, why not apply!